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. >> actually, i don't. that's why we are here. >> i need to go home >> okay. >> that's where we posted a link to the unedited video. you can join the conversation on our facebook page and telling us whether if you agree with the remark. >>> five-year-old mascot was scheduled to be in new york city to be on appeared on good morning america and even bat kid cannot be in two places at once. >>> he tells us he does not regret in putting himself in harm's way. he feels bruised after trying to catch the woman t. woman fell 50 feet. authorities say navidad saved her life. it was the experience in vietnam that just kicked in. >> had i not done anything and did witness her heading impact on the cement, that would edge in my mind until i die. >> today nevada got with a visit with navidadands got a visitor today. >>> continuing of the tragic in south bay. the woman speaking out after her little son was -- the pick up struck the boy at vine and oak streets. just before the impact the two s pushed elijah 6-year-old sisters out of the way. >> they saved kid's life. they risked their own lives ford . >> the
the holiday, they don't think they can do it alone >> it is disgusting that somebody would walk on the church and with the intent to take something. >> the san leandro had been collecting food to give the 60 families in need, a little more than a week ago someone cut through the locks on the fence and stole on the food that feeds more than 20 families >> why would somebody steal it. this is a church, why would you steal from ta church, it is not right and not cool. >> now, we have to get the donations up and ask congregation on sunday but we can really need help to replenish of what we had. >> the holiday is less than 3 weeks away and time are tight and more help is needed. >> when you are taking food out of people's mouth that's really needed especially for this time o year, it hurts. >> the church is not taking any chances for future thefts. >> we are going to install cameras and we have a security system here, that's not going to help what was taken already. >> reporter: since we got the word out and on twitter, some people already donated food and if you like to help out just donate it to
? >> i don't have the exact nuances of what he said, he did speak t investigators o assault. chase is facing with 7 counts of the assault. >> i don't believe she's at the hospital, at this point she's receiving services. >> it does show that it is dangerous to live on the streets and really focus on our efforts to get people to go on shelter. >> timothy james is being held on jail on $150, 000 bail. police say he also has a criminal record. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> officials say the refineries burn off the gas. the smoke from the flares lasted about an hour prompted of a health advisory in the area. the flare did not post of a serious health risk. >>> when we learn of how common bird strike have becoming in san jose. >>> his attorney maybe considering of a new legal strategy. >>> the bay area's cool down continues and coming up of the cloudest part of the weeken your five days forecast. >>> the death toll left behind by typhoon haiyan continues to grow. the philippines government raised the official death toll to more than 50, 000 people. the typhoon hit the country one week ago. i
while he gambled. 42-year-old don voge was arrested on thursday. the deputies say the surveillance video shows him walking in alone just before 2:00 a.m. around 4:30 a.m. a couple walked into their car and found his son barefoot. he was arrested and his son is in child protective services custody. >>> 4 u.s. marines were killed today in camp pendelton in san diego county. they were clearing the range of unexploded ordtphapbts. it is under investigation tonight. the base says the names of the marines will be released after their families have been notified. >>> continuing coverage now on today's industrial accident at the tesla auto plant in fremont. three employees are treated for burns at valley medical center in san jose. the most seriously injured suffered burns to his chest and upper body. tesla released a statement today saying the workers were injured from hot metal from a casting machine that failed. >> they had some type of industrial accident involving the pressurized equipment. it resulted from three employees treated for burns. >> they are sending investigators to the plant to
by the string of problems. >> if you don't have an alternate solution then you're in trouble. so i am fortunately was able to take the ferry this morning at 6:10 a.m. but not before ended up at the hayward station. >> one public relations spokesman said we there've set on providing reliable service and communicating more with its writers. >>> managers at sfo say times have changed and now the friday before thanksgiving has become the airport's busiest travel day for the holiday. it used to be the day before thanksgiving was busy us. as fo expected 100 30,000 travelers today compared to a forecast of 125,000 next wednesday and 125,000 the sunday after thanksgiving. we found the airport busy today waiting areas were all jampacked. >>> ribbon-cutting ceremony work marks the opening of the 37 million-dollar control tower at oakland airport. the tower replaces to facilities that serve the airport or more than 40 years. the new state-of-the-art towers was paid for with the stimulus grant to the faa. the agency says the tower as geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels and other featu
to have the case moved to juvenile court. the family is very forgiving agrees with that move. >> i don't want to be too harsh just because people do dumb things, you know, especially when they're teenagers. >> joel is with an east bay group that educates schoolkids about gender variation. >> to me, the lesson is we have a long way in society to make room for people to be themselves. sasha plans to return to school next week. channel 2 news, john sasaka. >>> pg&e showed off a few vehicles today. they say it will revolutionize the way they respond to electric outages. 75 kilowatts of power, enough for a subdivision at a time. >> we'll be able to provide them into a transformer and provide more reliable electric service and shorter duration of outages. >> pg&e says it's the first utility in the country to use the technology. >> hundreds of volunteers all around the bay area put off their own thanksgiving dinners to help feed the less fortune. david stevenson was at glide memorial church. he came to eat and serve. >> at san francisco's glide memorial church choir raised their voices in tha
that smiling is contagious because i don't want to live in a world where it is not. >>> good evening it is tuesday november 5th i am gasia mikaelian this is bay area news. a steady streams of cars heading to the bay area's new west casino on opening day. the patrol says the parking lot was full by 11 a.m. and the traffic backed upstretched for miles. happening now of big crowds of the bay area's newest destination, our christian is live outside of the great casino located left of highway 101, christian looks like traffic is heading east some where tonight. >> reporter: it was about 5:00 this afternoon and the last hour it started to pick up again presumably that people got off work decided to come by and check out the casino. the casino had been open for 5 hours now and now they're finding the road running a little smoother. california patrol says it started out running smoothly enough but half hour after the casino open its doors, there was a back up and the heavy traffic made the freeway looked more like a parking lot and speeds maybe 10 miles per hour and a period of maybe an hour
told she was african-american and wearing a hospital gown. >> they don't seem to have done to which find her. >> the attorney for the spalding family says he's disturbed he was going to discharge her but she was confused and not safe to be on her own. >> to say she was at risk and confused and shouldn't be by herself in another sentence is just to me extraordinary indifference >> the it took nine days before the hospital requested deputies search the entire campus. >> staff was directed to search stairwells. only about half were searched. ktvu learned the police department's missing person's unit met with hospital staff a october 1st concerned that spalding may have never left the site. three days later a hospital staffer had a report with someone landing in the 3rd or 4th floor landing. >> there is no indication anyone was dispatched to that stairwell. >> i'm not sure anybody seemed to have taken this particularly seriously. >> a statement released by san francisco general hospital this evening, a spokes woman said, quote, it is good to have more information so that it will never h
to return to court on monday. >>> and an lgbt counselor said they don't identify themselves as male and female. >> whether it be dressing in a manner, or behaving in an adr are ongenous manner, the specific center offers support groups for the groups and they had to conform to their birth gender. this case is prompting a lot of interaction on facebook. seven ktvu. >>> and two lives conducting a track inspection, a legislative safety hearing was held in san francisco today. it was scheduled months before the accident. committee member phil ting chastised bart officials for vague responses and threatened to accept the answers. >> you've come before our committee without any specific responsor any detailed information -- response or any detailed information. >> last year, it found no deficiencies with bart's safety or security. >>> san francisco's launching a new safety campaign urging commuters to keep their eyes up and phones down. the goal is to stop cell phone theft from distracted passengers. it involves undercover officers. they say they've already put some extra muscle into the
that were donated. >> hi to explain to them that a lot of these people are going to people who don't have food and they just need to learn to package it and organize and help in any way they can. >> many of the children are needy themselves. >> they have been without and they know what the, and so when -- when they come over here and started the donations campaign, it's sort of like an empowering thing for them. >> i know they have everything and there they don't have anything. i want to help them get everything. >> organizers say it will take weeks to get most of these boxes over there. right now their focus is on cash contributions that can go to the red cross and the philippines in hopes of getting help to the victims as quick as possible. of the center at 7th and mission will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. until next wednesday collecting donations. live in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. >> can you go to ktvu.com to find ways to make a donation. look for the link under hot topics. >>> and thieves stole diesel fuel from its facility. the second harvest food bank said thieves cut th
don't have the water to put on the crops, it is going to affect everybody. >> and the main reservoir for that was at an all time low. >> we are well into november and it is still about 70s outside. i would imagine that would affect us. >> ranchers say it would not take much rain but many still plan to apply for federal loans starting next month. in san jose ktvu channel 2 news robert honda. >> it looks like the bulk of the wet weather is going to stay march. chief meteorologist is here with tomorrow's forecast. >>> it shows the green and you can see the showers working their way and mainly north of the area and we are coming close, we are going to turn on the radar and that ban of showers sitting offshore, this is light activity as it moves on shore later tonight, we are talking about light showers and even some drizzles, when i come back we'll pinpoint of the timing of the showers mainly in the north bay and how they could impact the morning commute. it is more of a drizzle event of more than anything. >>> happening now typhoon haiyan making its way to china. it is said to be one o
countdown clocks at intersections, but accident victim, john lowell, says it's taking too long. >> i don't want pedestrian collisions to happen to anybody because of the damage that was sustained on me, maybe what occurs to other pedestrians. >> supervisor, scott weiner, who drafted legislation to speed up the process blames city bureaucracy for the backlog. in recent days, there's been several incidents involving vehicles striking wildlife along 280 out on the peninsula. can be quite dangerous. how biologists are trying to pinpoint the problem areas and implement solutions. kara. >> reporter: the goal is to reduce dangerous and costly crashes on the freeway and protect people and animals. it's not unusual to see wild animals along interstate 280. >> during the night, a lot of the deer just dart across the whole freeway and almost hit you. >> they are out and much more visible this time of year. >> this mountain lion was hit on the freeway just last week. >> people are driving 70, 75 miles an hour. >> ktvu released a study. it analyzed crashes and used collars on deer and wildlife
smelt gas. and contacted agents and asked them to join the investigation. they don't have any idea what the motive might have been. >>> a major gray rights bill has passed a marriageable in the senate. it would extent presentations for gray, lesbian and transgender people. it's not clear if or when it might come up for a vote in the republican controlled house. saying it would lead to an increase in lawsuits. >>> u.s. supreme court announced today it will not pick up a controversial case. oklahoma appealed to the high court asking the justices to ban the use of ru 4586 and other abortion drugs. saying it was struck doctors discretion when it is saver than a surgical alternative. similar abortion medication cases pending in other states. >>> the miami dolphins have suspended one of their players after he reportedly sent threatening messages to a teammate. for what wases called conduct detrimental to the team. the target of the alleged text was john than martin. had he is a former stanford player who walked away from the dolphins last week to get helped with personal issues. >>> the san f
with the high end phones but it's devices don't work on the faster net works. they are owned by google. >>> honored it's promise to eliminate that showed the body of a teen age homicide victim. the new google map shows a cross where he was killed in richmond. his father spoke to channel 2 earlier after he saw the satellite image. after our story aired google reached out to the father promising to update the map and will bring new clues in solving the case. >>> san francisco's mayor answers tough question about housing and eviction rates and what the city is doing to provide affordable housing. >>> bart riders are disappearancing heavy delays but there has been an improvement in the situation. >>> bay area unwanted pets this thanksgiving. see how the holiday season ties into it. >>> what the computer models say about the holiday weekend. i'll have the details. >>> back to breaking news happening in oakland and there is a change in the situation to report. trains are moving through that station after they have been stopped for the past 45 minutes because a piece of metal was showing down
of how things turned out and especially to all the help they've received from the community. >> i don't think we could ever be thankful enough, it was very much a part of his recovery and hours. >> aaron told me some of his friends still don't fully understand what he went through. but he said the experience made him grow quickly. >>> continuing coverage now on the winter storm moved up the eastern seaboard today on one of the busiest travel days of the year. the storm system has now moved on after rain, snow, and winds complicated the plans of tens of thousands of holiday travelers. here's a live look at san francisco airport that's where many travelers had feared the bad weather back east could have a ripple effect here. >> it appears things are improving tonight, of course the next flights out of fear from the new york area are red eyes and all of the flights i just checked are now reporting those departures will be on time. about 120,000 people were expected to pass through here today. 90% of the inbound flights were on time. we heard from say anxious people who were certainly gra
their message out. we dope like it, but we respect their right to do that. >> reporter: protesters say they don't want people to boycottball part, they just want to pressure them to their employees enough to live. >>> here's a look at what consumers had to face for traffic on black friday. from 5 to 8 p.m. tonight, two b.a.r.t. police officers and 6 community service agents on are hand at the westland oakland station. >> a lot of time when people are coming off the trains with lots of bags, they're trying to get their keys out, they just aren't as away airs they normally are. we're just here to remind them of those important facts. >> b. a.m. r.t. operated its full length trains today. the u.n. is asking for more aid throw re build the devastated economy of the philippines. shoppers in san francisco had an opportunity to help. this particular campaign has raised $200,000 so far. >> if people can doe gnat 10 cents, a dollar, it goes a long way to provide food, shelterer, and immediate needs such as medicine. >> earlier this week, thai noon haiyan killed 10,000 people and caused 5 million to lose
different portals in. they have additional issues that maybe some other airports like hartsfield don't have. >> reporter: hundreds of flights to and from l.a.x. were affected throughout friday. hours after the incident many passengers remain frustrated. >> we were on the tarmac five hours. first they moved us to international. then they said we'd have buses take us off. >> reporter: and there are passengers everywhere in other terminals. there are passengers wheeling their bags all throughout the hot california sun this afternoon trying to find a place to go. now business is resuming. they're saying anyone who ran and abandoned their luggage in terminals throughout the airport, they can go back and claim them now. the airport is reopened to passenger and vans. i'm stephanie elam live at l.a.x. >>> the shutdown at los angeles international caused chaos for thousands of passengers included those headed to the bay area. passengers on a virgin flight were held for three hours before they could take off. they had just boarded when they saw travelers pouring onto the tarmac from terminal 3. the
eh, i don't know. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening. this is bay area news at 7. we are on storm watch tonight as the first significant storm in two months brings the bay area some much needed rain. for many people across the region, the commute home is a wet one. this is a live look now at interstate 608. those are cars traveling northbound. we have been monitoring traffic all evening. it has been backed up much, much worse than this. the new eastern span was hit with just its second rainfall since it opened. the highway patrol says there was only one accident on the bridge this afternoon. the chp says rain contributed to this accident on highway 24. the minivan spun out. no reports of injury. while the rain is making for a rough day on the roads, for many it is a welcome site. >> it feels gooded. it's going to make the fish happy, the animals happy, and me. >> the rain is especially welcome in win county. >>> and tracking conditions right now. let's again with christian live at the toll plaza where the chp is advising drivers. >> reporter: telling feel make sure th
for today that will don't track to the south. so the organized rainfall moves out to the south. tomorrow, high pressure rebuilds and that'll be the source of warming and gusty winds. a wind advisory kicks in for tomorrow and basically lasting all day into friday. we could have wind for 45 miles an hour. tomorrow and into friday. pop up showers tomorrow morning at 4:00 and 6:00 then the clouds clear out rapidly leaving us with temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. san jose will go 63. look ahead five day forecast a chance of a shower. winds pick up for friday and into saturday. >>> thank you. a san francisco beach goer posted this photo of a shark that he says washed up on ocean beach sunday. the 50-pound salmon shark was found. the shark's cause of death is not known but he says he walked up on it as it was still struggling in the surf. >>> what copresident clinton and oprah have in common? the big honors they and others received today. find. >> find out what set off this well known actor last night in san francisco. >>> after sean penn's noted temperature per was on display last
proposed allowing people to keep those policies for another year even if they don't meet the required coverage of the affordable care act. 1million californians got cancellation notices. a board member told us that an extension would only complicate matters. >> if i thought for a minute that delaying it we could solve some of the problems i would delay it but i actually think it's going to make a bad situation worse. >> reporter: covered california says more than 79,000 people have signed up since the health exchange opened october 4th. mostly 55% are 45 and older. the program needs younger people in the risk pool for it to work as planned. >>> the city of oakland announced $15 million settlement with an immigration assistance company accused of fraud. the city attorneys barbara parker says american legal services promised to help people get legal residency or citizenship. but instead charged people high fees and in some cases even under mined their applications. >> they stole thousands of dollars from these families who were seeking help. sometimes their entire life savings. and thei
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